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I am an associate professor of political scientist at the University of Toronto. I received my PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2013 and then spent nine years as a professor at Tulane University. I am a philosophical pragmatist who studies human rights, the International Criminal Court, transitional justice, repression, and civil war. Abroad, I closely follow events in Sri Lanka and Kenya. At home, I think a good deal about gun politics and conspiracy theories, as well as symptoms of structural violence in my home state of Louisiana. For 10 years, I directed the Transitional Justice Research Collaborative (TJRC), a group focused on collecting data and developing theory about human rights prosecutions, truth commissions, and other mechanisms of post-conflict justice. Now I’m working on a new version of this project called Transitional Justice Evaluation Tools (TJET). When I’m not working, I spend time obsessing over rock music, hanging out with my two boys, crying over the New Orleans Saints, hucking frisbees, and waiting for the next Mardi Gras.

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